Carl Scharwath


A lonely starling ensnared

By an evening ghost tree

Forfeited in the twilight of

Celestial awakening and synergy.


Her blood polluted with

pharmaceutical rivers of

denial and hopelessness

beholden to fentanyl.


Future new-age Eden awaits

In a dilapidated strip mall.

The walls white and peeling

Humanity held hostage.

The serpent in a white coat

Dispenses your savior.

Sins of addiction and the

resurrection of enslavement.


I wanted to save you

In a time where nothing happens,

No decisions are shared

For what we cared for.


Will the past and the future

Ignite into the present?

Absorbing in the transdermal imminence

Of our first and last love.


City rain breathing

Radiation from the storm clouds

As tar black feather balls

Disguise the avenue.


Ghosts in the metropolis

Leer from empty buildings

Poisonous tomb stones

Rising in the shadows


Devout of humanity

Lifeless and forsaken

On what journey

The victim returns?



Hot black asphalt

impregnated and marked

with the tires of a

spinning coffin box.


Pieces of cold medal violently envelope around your warm skin. Glass rains down in tiny fragments of snow mixed in the creation of shards stained in blood and sunshine. Falling asleep in a gyration of a vertigo vortex. Morning will awaken you with the chance to hold life again in your fingers.


Florescent sun slants

Upon a new genesis

The inspiration is here

Seized in understanding.



Prism weakens the anamnesis

Of another past

Hoarded in memory.


No sight for the thirst

Ascending the stairs

In electric visions.


A damaged metaphor

And divine splintering

At the edge of the world.


Fragmented promises

Future already past

Signals you home.


© 2019 Tapestry, Annual TAMUK Women & Gender Studies Journal

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