Cynda Garza

Morning Meditation Fairies

As evening fairies are retiring,

Dawn arrives at court to direct morning fairies.

The morning meditation fairies gather in front of Dawn,

hovering about, flapping their wings, and kissing faces.


The meditation fairies receive and refine their daily plan.

Each morning these fairies go forth to encourage

yoga instructors, private practitioners, all meditators

to experience their dreams while in meditation.

The more realistic and detailed are the dreams,

The better the Divine can facilitate and create changes.

Each morning the fairies receive their assignments,

Give each other encouragement and suggestions.

Then off go the fairies to assist humans in daydreaming.


As they fly off to find their assigned humans,

The fairies repeat and repeat their mantra:

Dream-Dream. . . .Dream-Dream. . . .


Guided Meditations: Wind Therapy Mediation

Lie down or sit up in a comfortable position.  Make necessary adjustments for your comfort.  Now close your eyes.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Deeper and slower.  Again breathe in.  Breathe out.  Once more.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Now let's shift your attention to the body.  Feel your mind relax.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Feel your spine relax.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Feel you hands stretch and relax.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Feel your hands relax.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Imagine that you walking a scenic walk.  Imagine you are walking on the Corpus Christi Bayfront, on that stretch that starts at the condos and end with a lookout point.  Along the way you notice waves seem today to be lapping up higher up on shore.  The waves crest with a series of splashes and pull out with a series of rumbles.  Now you have walked the length of the walkway closest to the shore. You find yourself at the lookout point.  This is a good place to get some wind therapy. 

You stop here to experience the wind as it blows over you.  Notice how your faces puts itself out to meet the wind.  Feel your hair follicles tingling as the air rushes through your tresses.  Become aware of how your chest and hands stretch out to meet the breeze.  Relax more deeply into your enjoyment.  You want only the wind to caress you.  The wind will caress you for as long as it can.  Experience the caress for a couple of minutes until you are completely relaxed.

Now make your back into the room where we are together.  Start by hearing the traffic outside room. Continue by wiggling your fingers and toes.  Maybe move a shoulder or a hip and then the other.  When you are ready, open your eyes.  When you feel stressed, remind your body of this sense of peace.  It is your muscle memory to claim at any time. Thank you for joining me in this practice.  Go forth to enjoy your life.  Namaste.


Guided Meditation: Theatrical Interests

            I sit at the kitchen table.  I have grounded myself by placing my bare feet flat on the floor.  I rest my hands facing up on my thighs.  Let me close my eyes, breathe in, and breathe out.  I deepen my breathing.  I breathe in.  I breathe out.  I relax my breathing.  I breathe in.  I breathe out. 

            I imagine theatrical productions of South Texas being well furbished.  I will focus on the Jones Auditorium. I envision myself walking on stage at the Jones Auditorium.  I see curtains and drapes have little wear. I walk through backstage areas. I continue on into the costume room.  I see a rack of recently sewn costumes, in fact just sewn. The costume hems have not yet been ironed flat.  I hear a sewing machine and some music.

            I walk deeper in the backstage area, following the sounds. Then I see him.

            Long Tailor’s fingers. I nod at Tailor and tell him that I have been that I have been sent to be his assistant.  I pick up needle and thread, show how comfortable I am with hand sewing. I show him my first hem. He nods in approval, almost smiles, and keeps sewing. He is so busy. I tell Tailor that I have been sewing with my mom since I was about 10 years old.   

            He smiles and says, “I have sewing since about 8 or 9.  We kids had to make our own play clothes.”  I smile. How lovely it will be to sew with a new friend who is such a good tailor.

            I call myself out of meditation.  Sewing is something I can do to be of service.  Oh, I will call now to see if my skills are needed at any local theater.


Healing Self

            The nurse that gives me daily wound care treatments has been here. She put on her professional face, but I could tell.  The wound is not healing as quickly as she would like. I have nothing to lose, so I will try that yogic breathing that my sister has been trying to get me to do. She says that oxygen will power up my natural healing abilities.  Well, here it goes.

            I stretch my body long. Now I relax. My arms go out like a corpse, into corpse pose.  Now I start breathing.  I breathe into the bottom of my lungs. I breathe out until my stomach crunches.  I breathe into the bottom of my lungs.  I breathe out until my stomach crunches.  Again. Sis says when I get light headed, I am to stop for a few breathes, maybe a few minutes. So I stop and relax for a few minutes.  I am to do this for as long as I can, maybe work up to an hour--not right at first. I will do my best. I start again with breathing in. And breathing out. Again and again until I heal.


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