Ronald Walker


...silent shadows, 

eyes are moving

-silhouette the

 spiral grooving, 

take that

never-ending road, 

pull your trigger, 

sounds explode...

a gothic setting,

swirling mist, mountaintops that 

nature kissed

-now you see them,

now you can't, 

as spirits move, 

the doctor chants...

rainbows on a

moonlit night can

help regain your mind-

unravel  empty promises

to leave this world behind...

blackened eyes, 

fingers twitching,

a song within the 



-all that walk

 this empty land 

will soon hear from 

my bloodstained hand...

light a candle,

eat the night, 

nobody here will tell-

about this evil fantasy

deep in the witching well...

© 2019 Tapestry, Annual TAMUK Women & Gender Studies Journal

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