Nakshatra Singh

The Journeys

I felt something and turned back,

A smile it was, from eyes, from heart.

Oh, how and why would I resist,

A journey thus began.

In togetherness we moved,

On the longest roads,

On the deepest waters,

In the soaring skies,

Destination after destination,

We sat in the window, 

Huddled together,

The tireless carriage of time,

Taking everything to the past,

And sitting in Window, 

We saw it all passing down,

A journey lived together.

At last the carriage stopped,

Everything was like dead and still,

Nothing would move.

I wanted my journey back,

And I went out to the shores,

On the shore, it was all set,

On one side, endless water,

On other was that smile, 

Wet it was this time though.

I saw in to those eyes,

Smiling hard they were,

Curtains of tears, 

layers upon layers,

Everything was lost, 

nothing was lost,

And I turned back again,

A voyage thus began....

The Dead End


The journey had been good,
Full of good, bad and none.
On the road I am walking on,
Now comes a dead end.


I can see, I can feel, I can walk,
Then why and what is a dead end.
Dead end would eventually come,
Only when I breathe my last,
Till then I must walk on. 
Roads may change, destiny exists,
Roads will change, destiny decides,


Roads must change, destiny grows,
And the walk must go on.
I turned back to find new road,
Soon I was on a new one.
Thumping of feet,


Songs of life and hope,
I had gained my gait. 
On a curve, I crossed a large tree,
Hanging on its trunk was a mirror,
To kill the loneliness, to show me I, 
My eyes met mine and I called out,
Path is fine, Walk on O traveller.....

The Woman


Within you, I breathed my first,
Then I was born as they say.
My first cry I don't remember,
You heard it with utmost joy,
When you were in biggest pain.
I cried again till you gave me,


The white blood of yours.
And time rolled on,
I tried to stand up and fell in your arms,
I toddled and plunged in you,
We both cried in joy.
And time rolled on,


I went out into the world,
My life began, as they say,
One day you met me,
Then perhaps you never left me,
In my thoughts, in my dreams,
Everything else was blurred,

You only were visible,
To my eyes, to my soul.
And the time rolled on,
We came together,
Our little nest, our world,
You cared, you loved,


I was happy, I loved too,
Soon breathing began in you,
And we were in heavens.
I had breathed my first one day,
Today my child did the same.
A woman carried me, 
My mother she was.


A woman will carry me again,
My love she is.
I don't know why,
My love looked the same,
As did my beloved mother,
And gently with love and gratitude,
I embraced my woman.

The Yearning

Beauty drips off you,
And it rains when you smile.
O the clouds of joy,
Please come and fill the sky,
The parched land of my heart,
I want the rains, shower upon me,


Please smile, please smile.
And what of the breeze,
A carrier of your fragrance,
Moist with what drips off you,
O breeze, collect every drop,
Someone yearns, someone wants,
Please come, please come.


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