James Brumfield III

James Lynwood Brumfield, Sr.

            In life my biggest inspiration is my father. I got information for this narrative from an interview I had with him. In my presentation I will be summarizing the interview between my dad and me. My dad was born James Lynnwood Brumfield Sr., on August 2, 1969. He was born in a hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana and went to elementary and some of middle school in Houma, Louisiana but eventually he relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to finish middle school and high school. His mother’s name was Dorothy Simmons born in Belzoni, Mississippi and his father, Charles Brumfield Sr., was born in Bogalusa, Louisiana. His mother and father only had three kids together including him, his older brother Charles Brumfield Jr., and his older sister Lee Esther Stokes, he was the youngest of three. He had many other half and step-brothers from his mother remarrying but they all treated each other as full siblings.

            His parents, Charles and Dorothy, both were laborers and worked in professions that required a trade. Charles was in the military for a while, and then he resigned and started doing body and fender work on different automobiles, he also did blacksmith work on the side. He always shadowed his father when he was working picking up his work ethic and his different skills that he still uses today. His mother, Dorothy, was a laborer and never had one consistent job but was always looking for a way to make ends meet and she made a home cooked meal every day. His mother was always a hardworking woman making sure every kid in the household was fed and clothed.

            “I moved to different places for jobs and to make connections to get myself better opportunities” (Brumfield Sr.). He lived in Fort Collins, Colorado, Houma, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and College Station, Texas. He owned a couple of businesses in different places including his business now Brumfield’s Tire and Fleet Service, DJ Houma Productions, and Big Brums Catering. His most successful business is Brumfield’s Tire and Fleet Service which is still open. He plans to soon open a restaurant in Bryan, Texas that sells Louisiana food.

            He grew up in a wood framed house with his mother, step father, and his siblings. He had very little

electronics in his home besides a small TV. He shared a room with 6 siblings in a room with two bunk beds. He and his siblings played outside in the neighborhood with games and they also rode bikes. His family was low income, but his mother always made sure things got taken care of.

            In school he made B’s and C’s but was never a bad student but was the only kid that had an F in P.E. because he didn’t dress out or participate in the activities. He said, “School was pretty cool, and I liked lunchtime in elementary because I worked in the cafeteria passing out milk and cleaning tables and I would get my food last, so I got more food than everyone else” (Brumfield Sr.). He had several memories from school that he shared with me, but one really stood out to me was a life lesson for him. He said, “ In school when they had recess the teacher used to pass out snacks to everyone but there was a group of guys that found out where they stored the snacks so they started stealing the snacks and they always had more snacks than everyone else so I asked where they got the snacks from and they showed me so I started stealing them too but only once because I was scared to get caught but they kept stealing and it turned into them breaking into a pawn shop and then they got caught but they let them go the first time but they did not learn their lesson and eventually they robbed a convenience store and killed the cashier so they all went down for armed robbery and murder and this is an important memory from school for me because if I would have kept stealing with them I would have been in jail still to this day so it was a learning experience” (Brumfield Sr.). He graduated from high school and wanted to attend college to be a Mechanical Engineer, but he never had the support from his parents to go. He ended up going to broadcasting school after high school where he got recognized as an aspiring DJ.

            When I was born he realized he had to take responsibility and prepare his life for it. He hopes that I am successful in college so that I could get a good job and be well-off and be better than him. “I always wanted to go back to school but I am working now so it is kind of hard… Would not mind going back but I got responsibilities and I have to make sure you are good” (Brumfield Sr.). I will use his inspiration to succeed because my father has invested a lot of time into my life to make sure I have all the tools to succeed. This person is important to me because he has always been a good role model for me by making sure he stayed on a righteous path. Also, when my mother passed away it made our relationship grow to what it is now.

            My father is a huge inspiration to me and it drives me every day to make him proud. I summarized our interview by including important information in this narrative. In conclusion, my dad will always be my biggest inspiration to me.

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