Gus Redding, III

Gus Redding, Sr.

            My father may be far from me now, but the distance between us seems diminutive because he is always there for me even; at the most inconvenient times he makes it his goal to please me and my mother. He is African American with a stern disposition, he’s calm, kind and intelligent. He is one of the few pillars of hope I have. I do what I do now to please him and my mother. My goal is making them proud.

            My father is known as Gus Redding Sr. He is well known in the neighborhood he lives in, he is always greeted by his neighbors even those passing by his home when he sits on his front porch. His house is near a sharp curve, behind his house is a very lush green forest, the greenest trees I’ve ever seen, mostly because his house resides within the green state best known as Georgia. The color green fills me with a sense of nostalgia. Although it’s not my favorite color it is one of the best colors to gaze upon the imagery of the trees behind my father’s house; the aroma emitting from the trees is pleasant. My father has always been calm and collected; he’s always known what to do in every situation he or I have faced; he’s always had my back and my mother’s back during all of our troubling times. Times that most people thought too hard to handle, my father brought us comfort I see him as my guardian not just the parental kind, but that of a strong protector with his strong sense of justice which he has passed down on to me. My mother always bickered on what traits they passed on to me, and my father’s best trait, was his sense righteousness, was passed on to me.

            My father may be elderly, but he is the most hardworking person I know; he always has to be doing something and it worries my mother. I also admire his resolve once he sets his mind on something he does not allow any problem to erode his determination. His willpower alone baffles me at times, but it makes me feel at ease. My father doesn’t like feeling hopeless or weak; he always pushes himself. My mom sees it as reckless, but I see it as something to be respected because he works hard to protect those he loves no matter what. My father’s favorite hobby is fishing; he has various fishing spots all located near green forests all equally as beautiful as one another. My mother also enjoys fishing with him and his happy-go-lucky attitude when he’s around those he loves. My father is also very knowledgeable, not just in the average dad stuff; he also knows about life. He always has advice not just for me, but for my older brothers; may it be relationship advice or actual life advice. He’s also a great fishing teacher.

My father is the grandest person I know; he means the world to me and my family. I don’t just see him as a father figure, but as a hero figure. I’m glad he’s my father and I strive to make him proud. My main goal is making him happy and proud. He says he’s already proud of me, but I wish to surpass his expectations of me one day. 

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