Tavian M. Berry

Jarrett McClintock

            The person I chose to interview goes by the name of Jarrett McClintock, born in Houston, Texas on January 5th, 1999. He is the middle child of four children, 2 girls and 2 boys. Asia is his oldest sister, second oldest would be his brother DJ, and the youngest is Madison. They all share the same parents, except for their oldest, Asia. She only shares the same dad. His dad is Darrian McClintock Sr. and was born in Houston, Texas and his mom is Kimberly McClintock, born in Sugarland, Texas. His mom works in the oil and gas office industry for Chevron and his dad delivers uniforms and car batteries for Exide. He’s only lived in Houston. He’s always lived a pretty easy and fun life,

as a child he made a lot of friends playing little league. Comes from a middle-class family, who he considers to be pretty well off. Now with the information that I have provided, we could both conclude he has a normal life ahead of him. We would both be wrong. Though, we need a real starting point to understand.

            I met Jarrett in 7th grade, at Roberson Middle School. Though, I don’t remember exactly how, we became friends almost instantaneously. Although Jarrett wasn’t my first friend, he is my best friend. We just call each other brothers at this point in life, because we’ve just became so close over the years. Going through middle school adventures together, we become separated as we enter high school. He attends Spring and I attend Klein Collins. Now our stories begin to diverge, and we experience completely new things. During those 4 years, many things happen on Jarrett’s campus, and he is given stories to tell. School was very easy for him, he made straight A’s and graduated top 18%, while being a starting guard for their football team. Seemingly going through high school easily. Though, the world would show that it works in mysterious ways.

            On April 28, 2016, Jarrett’s brother, DJ, died. Though I cannot comment on the cause of death, it was a very hard time for him. When his brother was in the hospital, the first person he contacted was me. Me being who I was at the time, didn’t really think much about it, constantly saying “it’s gonna be good man” not knowing the circumstances. Tragedy struck, and we were met with the end of a great life. DJ’s death affected both of us, but it affected both of us for the better, in a strange way. Looking towards the future, Jarrett realized he couldn’t focus on the bad things, and had to keep moving forward with his life, just like his brother did. For us, this was our junior year

of high school, leading into our senior year. This is around the time that I feel Jarret and I started becoming brothers, not to replace his lost one, but to be there for each other through times like this. We go on through our senior years, and Jarrett graduates top 18%, participates in the bayou bowl, then we get ready for college. His main experiences he remembers was meeting me, playing football, and finding his current

girlfriend. He indeed carries these memories with him into college, and it doesn’t seem to be what he’s expected.


            His first year of college, he pretty much flunked out, but was given another chance. Falling victim to procrastination. Though, this current semester he has turned everything around, and he has decided to do what he must do to succeed. At this point in his life, all he wants is for his friends and family to succeed, alongside himself. He truly is an inspiration to me. I will

use his inspiration to help me do things that I always doubt myself on. Jarrett is important to me because he is my brother and we can confide in one another and his inspiration is important to me, because even though Jarrett has had to deal with a very sad incident, he still lives a very positive and happy life. I want to live that same positive and happy life and triumph over any person turmoil I must go through, and Jarrett will be doing the same thing.

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