Avery J. Fernandez

Emily Ann Rangel

            Inspiration can come from many places and people in life. I propose to discuss this person who inspires me the most to succeed the most in my academic career. I will discuss my mother’s biography, how she inspires me, and our loving relationship. My mother, Emily Rangel, was born April 4th, 1975 in Aransas Pass, Texas. She was the first born out of only her and her brother. Her mother Josie Rangel was born in San Antonio, Texas, and her father Jesus Rangel was born in Aransas Pass, Texas. They both were amazing parents for their 2 children growing up. Jesus Rangel worked as a contractor for the surrounding areas of Aransas Pass and Josie was a District Manager for 5 convenient stores. Emily lived in the towns of Aransas Pass. Mathis, Portland, and Corpus Christi while growing up. Life as a child for Emily was said to be very playful and athletic.

            Always playing her favorite sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer. In high school she became the cheer captain for Aransas Pass and had all her friends at her house choreographing dances every weekend. The house

was a 3 bedroom, 2 car garage, big front yard, but small back yard. Her room was completely decorated with posters of all the artists that she listened to and her own pictures that she took her self since the third grade, because she loved being a photographer. One of her favorite memories as a child was going to state for her little league soccer team. Especially the trip going to Austin, because it was full of laughter and unforgettable moments with the whole team. Her family’s state of income was medium but her parents did not let her or her brother feel that it was. Her parents always made sure they were happy and always doing something.

            School came pretty easy for my mother because she is really confident in herself and is not afraid to go the extra mile. Her high school life consisted of a lot of extracurricular activities such as sports, student council, cheerleading, and tutoring. My mom was very smart in every subject and graduated top 20 out of 75. Emily’s first job was waitressing at Laredo Cafe during her junior to senior year summer. Her dream career was to be a choreographer/actress her whole life. She eventually did not look further into that career because her current job was paying her more money than she thought a 19-20 year old would ever make to manage a store.

            The moment my mother met me was the moment her life changed for the good. She realized that she wanted to put everything on hold and just make sure that she does not miss a single second in my life growing up. Her only hopes for me is to be extremely successful and to find a career that I love doing. She feels really proud and accomplished that I am attending Texas A&M University and wants me to keep moving forward while staying focused. My mother just wants me to get that degree and get ahead in the life I have ahead of me.

            I will use my mother’s inspiration to help keep my head in the right direction and finish every assignment to my fullest potential. Emily Rangel is the most important person in my life because she has literally been here with me through every obstacle and wrong turn I have been through and helped me overcome anything that stands in my way.

Her inspiration is so important to me because she gives me so much faith and confidence in anything I do. She’s the reason I am here today and most likely reason why I will be here tomorrow.

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