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Carla & Rodolfo Palacios

            There are many people who inspire me in my day to day life, however there are only two people that have truly inspired me to succeed. Those two people are my mom and my dad, Carla and Rodolfo Palacios. I propose to give a biographical narrative of who they are, how we met, and finally I will explain how I will use their inspiration to help me face the academic rigor of the university life. I will now discuss a brief biography of my father, Rodolfo Palacios.


        On July 1, 1976 my first inspiration was born. That inspiration was none other than my dad, Rudy Palacios. My dad is the oldest of two children, Christina Renee Palacios and himself. He is the son of Carmen and Rodolfo Palacios. Growing up, my dad had it a little harder than most. My grandma gave birth to him at age 16 which came with many financial struggles for my grandpa and herself. My dad grew up in a one bedroom house to inhabit four people. It was made up of a living room and one bedroom with no central air or heater. When things got better financially, my dad and his family moved across town into a two bedroom house, also without central air or a heater. Although money was an issue, that did not stop my dad from enjoying every second of his childhood. His humble nature is one trait I admire so much about him. When asked about his childhood my dad said, “It was definitely fun and exciting (Palacios, R).” He described to me a couple of play experiences he had growing up in which he said, 

We would always play at the park. I don’t remember who brought it up by an adult mentioned that there were kids on the other side of town that played football as well. The adult suggested that we play with them one day. We played a football game against a team from the other side of town. I don’t remember much but I remember it was exciting an intense (Palacios, R).

        One thing that really inspired me about my dad is how he found so much joy in his life even though he lived on a low income and when times were tough he was still seen smiling and embracing life to the fullest. I will now explain the details of how my dad and I first met.

            Considering that Rodolfo is my dad, it leaves no doubt that the first time we met was when I was just a newborn infant. Having no recollection of that faithful day, I went to my dad to gather his thoughts on the first time he laid eyes on me, and what he had to say put me in tears. I met my dad on November 14, 2001. When asked about that day, his words were, “Of course I was happy as ever. I was the happiest I had ever been in my entire life (Palacios, R).”  He then went on to tell me about the hopes and dreams he had for my life. He said, “I just hoped that you got your education. That was the reason why your mom and I would buy you all those learning toys and games (Palacios, R).”  My dad was referring to memory games, matching card decks, and learning video games that he and my mom invested in to enhance my knowledge at a young age. I asked my dad how he felt about me heading to TAMUK after graduation in which he responded,” I’m excited and pumped up. You can accomplish your goals, educate yourself and be successful. I’m excited for you to pursue your career and start your journey. I want you to be successful at whatever you do and for you to be happy with that you do (Palacios, R).” I will now explain how I will use my father’s inspiration to thrive in not just in school, but in life.

            My father is important to me because he has always been my life coach. Since I was old enough to hold a bat, my dad coached pretty much every softball team I have ever played with. As a coach, he would not only teach me how to field a ground ball correctly, but also found a way to incorporate life lessons with every scenario he taught me. These life lessons included learning how to work with others, having a good work ethic, and most importantly giving all the thanks to God for everything that happens in life whether it be good or bad. My dad’s inspiration is important to me because I know, no matter what I can go to him when things get tough in college or when any obstacle comes to pass. I will now present a biography of my mother, Carla Palacios, who is my second inspiration for this paper.

            On September 7, 1979 my second inspiration was born. That inspiration is my mom, Carla Palacios. My mom is the youngest of two children, Mario Menchaca Jr. and herself. She is the daughter of Maria De Jesus Menchaca and Mario Menchaca. When describing her childhood experiences I realized that my mom and dad were quite similar. My mom also grew up living in a small, uninsulated home that inhabited four people. Both my mom and my dad grew up in low income households, yet they still found joy, peace, and happiness through the difficult times. These attributes of both my mother and my father are reasons why I find them so intriguing to me.  I will now describe how my mother and I met.

            I met my inspiration on November 14, 2001 in Hondo, Texas.  I asked my mother about the day I was born and she replied,” The day you were born was the most emotional day of my life. I was the happiest I had ever been and no feeling in the world could ever replace the feeling I had when you were born (Palacios, C).” She explained to me that education was the most important dream she had for me. She wished for me to finish college because she never had the chance to. I will now explain how I will use my mother’s inspiration to foster success in my life.

            With the spark my mom has bestowed upon me, I will use it to prosper not only in the college world, but also in my life. My mom always taught me to finish what I start because quitting is never an option. She instilled in me a tough skin and good work ethic that inspired me to continue with life successfully. Her humble nature is the reason I want to succeed so I can bless her with all the blessings she gave me. I will now be transitioning to the conclusive phase of this essay.

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