Isabella Alarcon

Daniel Alarcon

            Every individual has that one person who inspires them to be the best version of themselves. My dad has always been my biggest influencer and the one who inspires me the most. He has taught me so much in life, and inspires me to do great things and have a strong work ethic. Growing up, my dad did not have the greatest childhood,

but he did his best to make the most of it. With a tough childhood, but determination to aspire in life, my dad got the best of both worlds.

            February 24th of 1970, my dad, Daniel, was born in Dallas, Texas. My dad is the second oldest of six children which includes, two girls and four boys. As a child, my dad’s family moved around quite a few times, causing him to attend many different elementary schools. They eventually moved to Kingsville, and to this day his family still lives here. His parent’s both worked to provide for their family; his mom worked by cleaning houses and in the fields, and his dad worked on roads and in construction (Alarcon). My dad says, “life was okay but, we learned to work at a very young age to earn money” (Alarcon). But my dad’s life took a turn when his dad passed away when he was only eight years old.

            When my dad was in the second grade, he was informed that his dad had been shot and killed in a bar fight. As any child would react, the loss was tough but, I feel that my dad is who he is because of this tragedy. Fast forward to middle school and high school, my dad grew up living in what they called “The Projects”. My dad worked in the fields and recalls “skipping 40 or 50 days of school out of the year” (Alarcon). “It was fun and we enjoyed it”, he said (Alarcon). Because of the lack of effort my dad put into high school, he graduated at the bottom of his class, but was determined to continue his education in college.

            After high school my dad really changed his work ethic and study habits, and was determined to do well in college. He said he wanted to have a better and more financially stable life than what he had as a child. My dad attended Texas A&M Kingsville, and graduated with honors as a Business Management major, he then continued to go to school and later graduated with his Master’s. “I learned that it was important to do well in college so that I could move on in life, and get a better job” (Alarcon). Years after graduating, my dad met my mom and they got married. Three years after they got married, my mom found out she was pregnant with me. My dad describes meeting me as a scary but beautiful moment. “I was scared and 30, but I knew that since your mom was a nurse you would be okay” (Alarcon). Thankfully, my life has been a joyful and successful one, and I owe part of that to my dad.

            My dad has always been a huge motivator in my life. It did not matter what I did, he was the one to motivate me and support me. Whether it was in sports, school, or even at work, my dad constantly inspired me to do my best in everything. In high school, my dad worked a lot, and because of that it was hard for him to attend all my basketball games, powerlifting meets, and the numerous amount of ceremonies I had. But when he could attend, he was the one cheering me on in the stands, and giving me pep talks in between lifts. My dad inspires me to be great in everything I do but he gives me the most inspiration to live out my dream of going to Law School.

            My dad’s ultimate goal was to go to Law School, but life got in the way and that did not happen for him. “I really always wanted to be a lawyer, but I settled for business, I felt like I lacked a lot of English and Writing and the skills it took to be a lawyer” (Alarcon). My dad says that “it’s almost like I’m living my dream through you”

(Alarcon). My dad motivates me to fulfill this dream because I want to accomplish this for not only myself, but for him to. I know that I can make him proud by graduating from Law School, and he is my inspiration to accomplish this goal I have set for myself. I can always hear his voice in the back of my head saying, “A’s and B’s Faith, A’s and B’s will get you into Law School”. Because of my dad, I am fully confident that with his support and the motivation I have, I can make him a proud father.


           Without my dad, I would not be the person I am today. My dad has always taught me to have a strong work ethic, and to be grounded in my faith. The love he has for me, and the amount of support I receive from him helps me to stay focused and have that drive to be the best version of myself. He has inspired me so much to want to do great things in life. I will forever be thankful and grateful to my dad for everything he has taught me, and for helping me become the person I am today.

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