Samuel Davila

Aracely Davila

            Before we ever begin anything we find a reason to start it, and when we are far into war objective and get tired, we remind ourselves of why we started. The reason I have made it this far into my life and for my achievements, is my mother, her name is Aracely Davila, she was born in a ranch in Rio Bravo Tamaulipas Mexico she was the second youngest sibling of the four. They were 3 girls and the boy who was the oldest her dad was named Ezequiel Trevino Delgado and was from Matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico and her mother was named Guadalupe Trevino Flores born in General Teran. Her mom was a stay at home mom while dad worked in road construction.


            My mother moved a lot over the course of her youth, from Rio Bravo to Teran to Monterrey, Houston, then back to Rio Bravo where she found the love of her life and got married, she had a happy child hood living with her family, playing outside where innocence was ruled in her life, until one day when she turned five, she lost her mother due to a sickness, and was sent to live with her grandmother who was very cruel to them (the children) and was full of  hatred while her dad went away to work to send his four children money. Even though grandmother would keep the majority for herself rather than giving them the money. The house they lived in was a very poorly constructed wooden house with an aluminum roof, all five (grandma and the four kids) shared the one existing bedroom, because the house only contained two rooms, the bedroom and the kitchen.

The toys she would play with was her little “make pretend kitchen” she used jar lids as pots, soda lids as plates, tiny twigs as spoons, and broken leaves as her soup. The house in which she grew up in was very small, difficult to live in and was not the perfect childhood ambient as we picture it today.  Her favorite childhood memory was when both of her parents lived and her grandfather would chase them around with a bike and shove them to the ground as the ultimate tag with all the kids running around in laughter and a rush of adrenaline through their veins. In the ranch that she first lived in, they had medium income but once she had moved, they barely had enough; almost never enough to buy her new clothes.

            In school she had an experience as regular just as any other person, she was not problematic, did not make rivals, and there is no memory that caught her attention because she was always at peace for she was focused on academics because she used that as a form to get away from what she lived with, for instance, the thought of not having a mom, her dad being more than a day in distance away, living under the care of such a person who would exhaust them and so on. She started her first job when she was thirteen by cleaning houses in Teran. When she graduated from high school she wanted to purse the career of being a psychologist. She went to college for a few weeks before she was forced to quit due to the tragedy of her fathers’ death and left her with not being able to pay for school, deal with depression, and try to make a life. She then moved back to Rio Bravo where she met the love of her life and got married.                       


            When she met me, her first child she felt like the happiest women alive, she was filled with excitement and joy, she felt blessed but most importantly she felt hope when she spoke the words “ bien venido al mundo mi amor” (welcome to the world my love). What she hopes for me is to graduate from college, work my dream career and have a well-paid job. She feels confident about me attending a university and hope for what I am about to do.  And what she hopes for me is to graduate with a good major and that I wanted.

            I believe the reason for that is because she was never able to get as far as I have. The motivation comes from the quote “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” and I am attending college, not only for my own better future, but to also give my mom the sense of accomplishment and demonstrate her my gratitude of the what she has been through and still manage to help push me this far.  My mom once told me, when she was young, energetic, filled with dreams, and wanted to be someone in life, she was determined to go and to finish college, but with her dad as an only parent alive, and 3 siblings, life wasn’t so easy.

            My mom began her first semester in college, and just after her first weeks she received the news that her father had been in an accident. With that incident it was impossible for her to pay for school while living I Mexico. All her dreams, her bright future had all crumbled down, she was left with nothing but for the wind to blow her to where it was gods will to place her, when all she wanted was to go to college. I was around 8 years when I was told my mom’s story. From there on I set myself the goal of graduating from college and my dream soon became to complete hers. Little 8 year old me said these words to her, “yo te ayudare con tu sueño” (I will help you with your dream) and that little 8 year old me has been keeping his promise to this day. She is the biggest reason for me being the first in my family to attend college.

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