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Michael Cowen

            It is very beneficial for one to have a father figure and not just any person but someone who could resemble my father. Everyone is not the same when it comes to raising a child but someone that can make the best out of their child and instill them with respectable attributes will impact a person’s life greatly. In my circumstance, I can say that I had an excellent father that I hope I lived up to what my dad believed I could. My dad, Michael Cowen, was a very influential person towards me because he developed my character and formed characteristics in me that I am very fortunate I have.

            My father is 6 feet 2 inches, half Hispanic and half white, and he works as a windstorm inspector for the Texas Department of Insurance or TDI. He has over 30 years of construction experience which he has also taught some of it to me. He is the only one in his family who was born in the United States of America with all his siblings being born in Mexico. My dad is very tactile and good with his hands as he built my step sister a very nice day bed with intricate pieces built on it. My dad said, “I believe that I’m pretty good and take for example the time that I had helped Rudy” (Cowen, M). I am very glad that I have a father that I have and especially I hope to receive even more of his skills soon. Now I will talk about my dad’s childhood.

            My dad was raised in a very small 1700 square foot house with 3 other siblings. Often, they had more than just themselves living there. As many other their friends would live there if they ever needed a place to stay. Besides living in poverty, my dad said he had a very good childhood. They always were doing something outside whether it was baseball a couple of blocks away or playing basketball at the school, sports were present in his life. I asked my dad about one of his most favorite childhood memories and besides all the pranks his brothers and sisters pulled, he said, “I will always remember when we would go down the street to the Stevenson’s and reach over their fence to the Johnson’s property to take all the plums, tangerines, grapes and oranges we could get” (Cowen, M). His summers were filled with work from the age of 11 because his mother worked 2 jobs at a time and sometimes even 3 to provide for her family and if he did not work, he would not have money for school clothes. My dad grew up in poverty and with all his childhood experiences, it has shaped him for who he is, and he sought not to put me through some of the stuff he had to do and for that I am very glad. I will transition into the topic of how we relate to each other.

            I know Michael Cowen because he is my father and I am his only child. One of the reasons that contributed to why I have such an outstanding relationship with my father is that him and my mother have been divorced since I was 3 and the time was split equally as I was with my dad on Monday and Wednesday and every other weekend. This causes my parents to devote their time whenever I was with them to include me in it because half of the time they were not able to see me. In by this happening, I was always with a parent always and sometimes when I was younger, I thought it was a small curse but now looking back I am very thankful that I have such a close relationship to my father as I can call him my best friend. My dad says often that he would not change a thing because who knows how it could have been (Cowen, M). I am very glad for my relationship with my father and I would not change a thing as it is a good relationship. Our affiliation with each other is great and now I will talk to you about how I was raised.

            I have noticed that I resemble my father at times almost perfectly. In my family we have this saying called, Sabes Todo, which translates to a know it all. My family started to call my dad this because he would always have an opinion and even though if it was not right, if he believed in his idea, there was no turning him down. His two cents were always thrown in so the word, Sabes Todo, stuck. I was raised in a very polite attribute with a good character and I can attribute that to my father as well as being a little bit of a know-it-all. It can result to beneficial things but often it does not as I get called, ST2. When this happens a quote that my dad says all the time is, “Yep. You are my son.” (Cowen, M). Knowing it all is not everything I took after my father as I can use my hands, I respect others as he does, and I am breaking out of my shy shell to resemble my dad and for this I am happy that Michael Cowen is my father.

            My father is and how I have been told by many is that my father is a good man. Helps his friends whenever they need it, he attends church regularly, and he likes to build and start a lot of project. I see my dad as a person who I would want to become in later years as he has a very moral character and he is very friendly. To me he resembles a faithful and strong man. When I grow older and have children, I hope I can raise my children as well as he raised me and by how he leads me by example. Michael Cowen, my father, said, “I believe in you kiddo. You’ll do much better than I did, and just stick with it and everything will turn out fine” (Cowen, M). My dad is a very righteous man and one day I strive to resemble him. My father is a great man and I want to show him I can make it and thrive, and I will talk about it in my next paragraph.

            My father has pushed me since day one and I do not want to let him down. With what my dad grew up with to what he has now has shown me a thing or two. It showed me that a lot can be done and always work for it and to always it put first. I want to be a good son and have my father say to himself that he did a good job in his efforts in raising me. Failure is something I do not want my father to witness but I want him to see myself succeed. I have seen all that my father can do so I seek that and aspire to resemble my dad’s good character, so I push myself to make that happen.


            My father is an outstanding man as he has great character, morals and interpersonal relations. I strive to resemble him because he is such a good man and father. If he could raise myself and how I am today, I can only wish that I can do the same. I am very fortunate to have my dad, Michael Cowen, as he is a very influential person towards me because he developed my character and formed characteristics in me which I can call myself.

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