Jorge Vidales

Sarahit Valeria Casillas

            Sarahit Valeria Casillas, my mom, was born September 11, 1981 in Brownsville. She is the oldest of three boys Francisco, Eric and Jorge, but my mom calls them, “Kiko, Chencho y Jorge”. Her parents are Andrea Castanon, born in Culian, Sinaloa and Gerardo Casillas born in Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas. Her mother grew up in Culiacan and her father grew up in Valle Hermoso and they met when they were 16 years old. They owned a scrap metal recycling center where they bought scrap metal and sold it to people or bigger companies (Casillas). Moving on I will be talking about my mom’s childhood.

            My mother lived her whole childhood in Valle Hermoso where she would spend her days either fighting with my uncles, riding around a tricycle or relaxing with “Buelita Cristina”. As a kid she lived in a one-story house with one room but as the family got bigger and the business grew her parents build a two-story house on top of the house they had. Her room was plain because she was never in there, she would spend most of her day outside or with Buelita Cristina. My mom used to play with tricycles, jump ropes and to this day she is surprisingly good with hula hoops and dominoes. Her favorite memories as a child was spending the nights with Buelita Cristina and just talking to her (Casillas). Up next I will be discussing my mom’s financial state and school life.

            My mother’s family state was a medium income, they would live in a decent house with food and water. She attended elementary school and middle school in Mexico where they would have to wear matching uniforms and buy their own lunch. When my mom was 14 her parents sent her to Harlingen, Texas to a boarding school where she finished her high school and learned English. She recalls skipping class with her friends through a window while the teacher was writing on the board. After boarding school, she came back to her home town to teach English at a kinder (Casillas). Moving forward I will be discussing my mother’s college life.

            After teaching for one year my mother decided to go to college in Ciudad Victoria for a degree in public relations and communications and during this time is when she met my father. As the years went by my mother fell in love with my father and they started dating. My mother did not achieve the goal of graduating college because of me, this is why my mom always tells me, “Estudia primero”, meaning to study before anything. I was born when she was 18 years old. She says that she was the happiest person in the world when she had me and until I was 16 years old, I did not realize how I changed her whole entire life. She works every day from 6am to 5pm and has to take care of paying my college and tuition, she says I made her life, but I know that her life would have been a lot different if I was not in the picture (Casillas). Now I will be explaining why my mother motivates me to keep going.

            My mom is the proudest mom of the entire world because what I am doing in this university has never been done before in my family. I am doing this for her, to give her a better life, to let her rest once in for all. My mother is the most important person to me because she gave me life, she gave me the opportunity to live, she could have said no to me but here I am trying to prove myself   I was worth it.

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