Noah Ruiz

            The definition of inspiration is “a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation” My definition for inspiration is someone or something that keeps someone striving. In this case my inspiration is my dad. During this essay I will provide academic citations and explain further information about the person who inspires me and why.

            Jose Javiel Ruiz was born in Raymondville, Texas on June. 27, 1979 to Alma Gloria Ruiz and Eloy Lopez. His father who was born in Lasara was a carpenter and his mother was a house wife. He is the youngest out of the 8 siblings he has, from oldest to youngest is David, Danny, Adolfo, Rudy, Cindy, Lupita, and Rosa. His family’s income

Jose Javiel Ruiz

was low growing up because of that. He lived in the same 3-bedroom household all his childhood. When asked how life was like living with a big family, he said “I did not have my own room growing up, I would sleep on the living room floor, but I was never really home, so I did not care” (Ruiz). Growing up he said” Life was much simpler than it is now, the only worries I had growing up was what kind of troubles my brothers and sisters would get into” (Ruiz).  He always tells me all the stories of the trouble they would get into, and I enjoyed hearing them. He enjoyed learning in school for the most part. He met my mom when he was in high school and they have been together ever since they were 16. Once they graduated high school, they had my oldest brother at the age of 18. After they had him, he went start into starting a business. My dad said he has always wanted to be his own boss and have a business one day. He enjoyed electronics and how they functioned. So, he started a business programming slot machines for about 6 years.  He said, “It was not easy, but I never gave up on myself or the dream that I had” (Ruiz). When my dad first met me, he said he was scared because he was only 20 years old. He did not know if he could take responsibility of another child. Having him as a father growing up was great. It is never a dull moment when we are together. He was always looked up to and was an example to his family. I always looked up to him on how he handles things and what kind of man he was. One day I told him that I wanted to be just like him and he responded with, “I do not want you to be like me, I want you to be better” (Ruiz). Ever since then my mentality & perspective on things changed.

            My dad is proud that I am going to college because I am the first to ever make it this far academically and has high hopes for my future. He hopes I graduate with my bachelors for mechanical engineering, so we could open a business as a family one day. Having someone be a positive role model is crucial to a person’s success. In this case my dad is a crucial part of my success throughout the past years. He has taught me many lessons from having strong work ethics to just being myself. I am grateful for having such a positive influence in my life. He is not just someone who I inspire to be but someone that motivates me and pushes me to become a better version of myself every day.

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