Baliah C. Leal

            My mom’s name is Andrea Baldillez and her childhood was not your average way of growing up. My mom stated, “My house was a beautifully decorated prison” (Baldillez). The household was decorated elegantly and contained specially crafted pieces along with a lot of land, farms and corrals with many animals. My mom shared the house with four other siblings but only had one sister. My Tia Evette and my mom grew up together in the same room but when they finally had a chance to slip away from the house they would go to one of the corrals rooftops and imagine what life will be like when they leave the ranch. Life was very strict for them growing up as their house was described as: dysfunctional; my mom does not wish to share the reason why she thinks that but she said that, “my

Andrea Baldillez

childhood shaped me to know what not to do as a parent” (Baldillez). As we move into schooling years you will discover the way my mom really applied herself.

            Spanish is typically a first language taught in my family so when it came to school it was a dramatic adjustment to the English language. Failure was not an option so my mom made all A’s but when she got into high school she had a consistent AB honor roll. While my mom was in high school her first job was a waitress at the Strickland’s Restaurant but when she graduated high school she started off working as a medical assistant because she needed quick money. Nowadays, my mom is a full time student attending the University of Texas A&M Kingsville to pursue her original dreams of becoming a bilingual teacher. Now I will show her thoughts when I came into her life.

My mom said,

When I first met you I could not help but cry because it was a feeling of pure happiness, joy, love and success all in one. It was an overwhelming sensation and I realized that that had to be what unconditional love felt like. I knew what my purpose was for bearing my own personal cross throughout my childhood was to lead up to the moment of becoming your mother. This was followed by a need to structure a good foundation for you. I strive to empower you to be a mighty women of god, to be everything that you were made to be, for you to know there will be suffering in life but I will shield you to the best of my abilities (Baldillez).


            Every parent has hopes and aspirations for their child as far as succeeding but what my mom said truly stuck out to me. My mom stated, “I hope for you to know that love is not something that you seek for, it finds you in gods timing” (Baldillez). When my mom thinks of me attending a university she blankly said that she is extremely proud of me and will support me along the way. My mom hopes that I know that no matter what I will be her daughter and education is the key to success in the working industry. Now I will discuss the way I feel I will use this information about my mom.

            The information of my mom’s life has showed me that there are true hardships in this world and that I should be extremely grateful. Once I arrive at the University of my choosing, I will use her experience to appreciate the idea of me making it that far in life. Without the life my mom lived things would have turned out differently than they are now but with that life it truly shaped my family to who we are today. My mom is important to me because she showed how hardships will not stop you in life but rather help you go around and make a way for you to succeed in new ways. There is not a single thing in this world that should stop us from pursing what we are destined to pursue. My mom’s inspiration is important because if my mom can go back and become a full time university student while having four kids then I can do anything as long as I stay focused and on track.

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