Sophia Hurley

Marney Lorraine Hurley

            Everyone has someone that inspires them to strive for greatness and success. Often this person resides right at home with us, living alongside us or even raising us. This is true in my case, the person that inspires me to succeed is my mom. I will tell you: who she is, obstacles and hardships she has faced and overcome, and lastly why she inspires me to succeed.

            My mother’s full name is Marney Lorraine Hurley. She was born in Texas City, Texas on the third of March in nineteen sixty-five (Hurley). Marney was the older of two daughters born to Debra Ann Belle and Robert Anthony Faust. Her mother, who usually went by Debbie, was a stay at home mom and thanks to, my grandfather, my mother’s dad she never had to work a day in her life. Marney said that “My dad was a hard-working man, when we were little he worked for the Telephone Company, working on and repairing the telephone lines. Once we were in high school he worked at our Uncles beer distributorship company in Houston and eventually became president of the company” (Hurley).

            My mother grew up in the same home that we live in today, she described her childhood as “carefree”, saying that she was “active and mostly played outdoors” (Hurley). My mom even slept in the same room that I do when they lived in the house, her room was yellow and she had a very large canopy bed with a homemade quilt, made by her mom, with big flowers all over it (Hurley). As a kid she said she never played with dolls but used her imagination and often played in the woods surrounding her home (Hurley). My mom’s favorite memory as a kid were vacations going to her grandparent’s home in Galveston, Texas (Hurley). She said that they would take one of the beer vans from the distributorship and her dad would just throw a couple of lawn chairs in the back for her and her sister to sit in and told them to hang on (Hurley).

            My mom went on to describe her school years, saying “school was fun and a social place for me I always enjoyed it” (Hurley). She said that she maintained a B average throughout most of her academic career (Hurley). My mother attended Sam Houston State University and graduated from their nursing program maintaining that same average (Hurley). My mother thought of going into to other career fields such as archeology, veterinary medicine, and landscape management but chose nursing for the job security (Hurley). My mother was also a very hard worker throughout high school and college at her uncle’s psychiatric clinic (Hurley). After college she went on to work in labor and delivery at St. John’s hospital in Houston, Texas.

            My mother, soon after starting work, got married to her first husband. After nineteen years, they divorced and this was the first of many obstacles my mother faced. After the divorce my mom took extra shifts at the hospital to support my brother and I since our father offered little to no support. When taking extra shifts was not enough she began working two jobs. Soon after my mother took on two jobs my grandfather was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. My mother continued to work and took care of him until his last day with us (Hurley).

            My mom has always been the one to care for everyone else, no matter what is going on in her life. She inspires me to succeed and do my best in all things I do. She keeps me focused on school, and even though I am four and a half hours away from her she finds ways to offer me encouragement and support. My goal is to, once I graduate, establish a veterinary practice and allow my mother to finally be able to retire and support her myself. She has cared for everyone her whole life, it is now time that she should get to the one being cared for, that is what drives me to succeed so I may make that possible.

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