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            On January 8, 1984 in Raymondville Texas a young beautiful baby girl named Betty Jo Tijerina was born. Betty was the middle child of 5 children, all kids of Maribel Tijerina and Roel Barron. She had 2 brothers named Victor Tijerina and Omar Tijerina. Her sisters were named Debra Tijerina and Denise Tijerina. The order they are in from oldest to youngest is Victor, Debra, Betty Jo, Omar and Denise. Her father, Roel Barron, was from Wyoming,

Betty Jo Tijerina

she did not know much about him because he left them at a young age. Her mother, Maribel Tijerina, was from the Valley, her mom was a big help in her life. My mother stated, “My father left us at a young age, but my mom was always going to be there for me and my other siblings. My mom did as much as she could for all her children. She did all kinds of work such as a caregiver in the fields and in many little stores. I love my mother for everything she has done for my siblings and me” (Tijerina).

            Life as a child can be either fun or just another story. My mother stated, “My life as a child was okay, I lived in a very small house and lived in many states. I didn’t have my own room, my house was a big open room, and it had 2 beds and a dresser. It also had a small fridge and table and a small stove with no restroom or shower. Although it wasn’t the best, I was happy I had a roof over my head” (Tijerina). Betty was born into a low income home, it did not really stop her from having fun. Living in a small home was sad, and not having much money did not stop her. With money low she started work at the young age of 12, she worked in the fields picking strawberries and also picking apples. That allowed her to have some money of her own, and to help her mother with bills since her dad had left them. She enjoyed hanging out at her cousin’s house, she did not have many things to play with but she had her family. My mother stated, “My favorite childhood memory was when we lived in Washington State. My cousin’s and I were on a big float tied to the back of our car. We would drive in the snow all day and 2 of us would have the best

time ever. Jumping into the float and get pulled by the car in the snow was the best thing ever” (Tijerina).

            Betty Jo Tijerina discussed about her experiences with school and her history about it. My experiences from school were bad, after we left the valley and moved to Michigan everything changed. School was different over there and the kids were mean because I was Hispanic. The school I went to there were hardly any Mexicans, so I started being bad and standing up for myself. I actually had good grades, I really did enjoy school when I was a little girl. I actually didn’t get to graduate high school, I dropped out in 10th grade. One of my dreams was to actually become a teacher, I didn’t get to achieve it because I didn’t have anyone tell me to keep pushing myself into achieving my dream (Tijerina).

            Now that I have discussed about Betty’s life when she was young, I will now discuss when we met. Meeting someone can be great, but when it is someone you are in love with, it will be the greatest moment of their lives. My mother stated, “When I first met you I felt so scared because I was so young. I had brought you into this world and I just wanted you to be the absolute best you could be. As you got older I wasn’t scared anymore because you amazed me with what you were doing already at such a young age. You continue to amaze me of what you are becoming (Tijerina). Being young she tried her best to take care of me, she did very well doing it. Meeting me was the best day of her life and her thinking that I am going to be leaving to a university is nerve wrecking for her.

BettyJo is glad that I want to attend college because she knew she was doing something right. She is also kind of scared because she does not want me to leave her, but I know that she will never leave me. My mother stated, “My hopes for you are for you to finish school go to college and follow your dreams and just know I am always going to be here for you. I hope all your dreams come true and more. Live a life that is better than mine was. Just know the sky is the limit and I will always have your back” (Tijerina). Now that I have discussed my mom meeting me and her hopes for me, I will now discuss about how I will use their inspiration to get through the courses in college.

            Having inspiration in a person means they really mean a lot to you. My mom is my inspiration to help me succeed through my college courses. I know my mom will push me no matter what because she wants to see me live my dreams. She is important to me because she has always been there for me no matter what. I know she gets mad at me at times but I know it is because she loves me and she just wants me to do better than she did. Her inspiration is important to me because to just see her happy when I accomplish things is the greatest feeling in the whole entire world. I just love her so much and I appreciate her for everything she has done for me and my family. Now that I have discussed a biological narrative of my inspiration, how we met, and how I will now use their inspiration to succeed in college courses I will now conclude my essay.

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