Luis DeLeon

            There were many people in my life that doubted my success, but there were also the ones who were there for me and encouraged me to thrive. The one who stuck with me through it all was my mother. She was there when no one else wanted to be and when I did not need her to be. Miriam DeLeon is my mother, yet more she is than just that because she is my role model, my best friend, and guardian angel. I will forever be grateful for her wisdom, kindness, and the little pushes she gave to me to achieve my full potential.

Miriam DeLeon

            When I was in middle school I had all these insecurities and doubts about myself, but one thing is for sure I had my mother there to cheer me up. As a year passed throughout middle school I started taking a fond of basketball and wanted to join the basketball team at my school. Although at the time I was not in my best shape to make it into the team, I would practice and exercise as much as I could in the summer. When I did not make the team my first time trying out I was devastated and immediately started to let all those insecurities and doubts in my head get to me. I was telling myself that I was not good enough and I should quit right now because there would not be any results out of this if I were to try again. While I was giving up on myself and not practicing or exercising my mom was the only one that noticed how my personality shifted into a sadder state.

            As a result, she made it her job to cheer me up, when candies and other incentives would not work she eventually asked me what was wrong and I told her about how I was not good enough to make the team even though I would try my best to get better at the sport. As my mom looked at me with compassion in her eyes for my sadness she told me how there might be times where you feel like you have been kicked down, but one must not give up and get back up because if you love what you do then there is no one standing in your way to get it except yourself.

            After those wise words shook off the anxiety from getting rejected again out of me, my mom encouraged me to go to the park with her every single time she could so that I would get better and when she could not take me I would walk over there by myself. She believed in me when no one else would and then eventually made me believe in myself because when I tried out for my last year of middle school basketball I made the team and I was so proud of myself for making it plus my mother was so delighted that my personality was glowing with happiness.

            This was one of the best parts of my life where I got to see the result of my dedication and hard work finally paying off, in fact this moment made me realize why stop there when I can give the same effort to whatever I want and try to get the best result I could. This mindset helped me flourish through so much in my high school years and in just life however it was my mother that gave me this mind set and never stopped encouraging me, so that is why she is the person who most encouraged me to succeed because without her kindness, compassion, and enthusiasm I would not be able to thrive.

            In conclusion, this one beautiful independent Mexican mother was by my side through the worst and best parts of my life, so it would not feel right without acknowledging that I would not be who I am here today without her and as well be where I am without her. In addition, those wise and motivating words she gave me were very inspiring and a long lasting in print in my head to go back to for inspiration. Finally, she has sacrifices so much for me and my brothers, therefore she is the person who most encouraged me to succeed.

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