Leonel Elizondo

            Someone I have looked up to since I was a kid is my dad. He’s always been there for me and supporting me in whatever I do. Even though I am in college now I continue to look up to him. So, this narrative essay is decided to him.  My dad’s full name is Leonel Elizondo, born on September 17, 1967 in Corpus Christi TX. Out of five children he was number three. His brothers and sister’s names in birth order are Norma, Mario Jr, Marylou, and Andy. A total of three boys and two girls. The father and mother of these five children are Mario Elizondo, Sr. born in El Sauz Texas, and Isabel Guerra Elizondo, born in Rio Grande City. For a living Mario was a welder and Isabel was an elementary school cafeteria lady.

Leonel Elizondo, Sr.

            My dad has not lived in any other place besides Corpus Christi Texas. He was born and raised there and has never left and does not plan on it either. Growing up, my dad was carefree, and had no complaints. He enjoyed his childhood, and all of the hunting and fishing he did with his brothers. My dad grew up in a four bedroom and two bath wood frame house. He shared a room with his brothers, which had twin beds. Growing up my dad would play outside with the neighborhood kids from sun up to sun down. Only coming home to eat and use the restroom. Which I was the same way as a kid. His favorite childhood memory was going hunting with his dad. Which he now does with me majority of the time.  

            My dad started school at Holy Family, which is a Catholic school in Corpus Christi. He told me the nuns were mean, so his first experience with school was not too good. All he remembers really about Catholic school is being spanked with a ruler by the nuns. As he went through the ranks at school he was not the best student, but he tried to be. Even though he was fighting all the time. Outside of school he worked at sonic off Ayers street as a cook. He told me a story about a girl that got her finger chopped off in the slushy machine at sonic and the manager just pulled the finger out of the machine and kept serving people slushies that the finger was in. Yeah, I know that is pretty gross. Besides that job, my dad had at sonic he wanted to work in law enforcement as a career but later found out the oil field made more money so that is what he went for. 


            Fast-forwarding a couple years to when my dad first met me, he did not know I was a boy. So, when he saw me being born he cried and felt instant love. Hopes my dad has for me are to succeed in college, find the right women for my children, and become a highly successful man. My dad is proud that I am attending Texas A&M Kingsville. He knows college is not for everyone, but he knows I am pretty good at it. My dad hopes for my life are to graduate from college, find a job I enjoy doing, and hopes I live a happy carefree life.   

            In closing, hopefully one day I can have a boy, and he can look up to me like I do to my dad. Following every move I make and even catching on to my catch phrases. I feel like once that happens I will be one of the happiest dad’s in the world.  

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