Morgan Maas

            Throughout my entire life I have been lucky enough to have many people to look up to and follow. One person in particular has provided me with an example and inspired me in a number of ways for as long as I can remember. I will expand on these statements through quotes from an interview I conducted highlighting their background and who they are as a person that inspires me.

Brittany Maas

            This person is Brittany Maas, born March 11th, 1989 in Fort Riley, Kansas. She is the 2nd born out of 4 children, consisting of 2 boys and 1 girl, Justin, Morgan, and Peter. Her parents are Victoria Maas, born in Sacramento, California and Peter Maas, born in Boston, Massachusetts, who met in Eugene, Oregon. For work, her father was in the army and her mother was “mostly a stay-at-home mom, but she worked at many places on the side” (Maas). Throughout her childhood, Brittany lived in Kansas, Hawaii, Alabama, Washington, Virginia, and Texas.

            As a child she was “a military brat” (Maas) and because of that her education was constantly changing. She lived in many houses, most of those on military bases. She did live on Fort Sam Houston for a good amount of time, where she described her room as having “lots of pictures, lights, animals. It was really a zoo, I had cats, lizards, birds, frogs, guinea pigs, mice, and an aquarium” (Maas). She mostly played with animals instead of toys. One of her favorite childhood memories was “when you and Trey (our younger brother) were born. Also teaching you things, and playing with you” (Maas). When she said playing with us, she really meant showing us Family Guy, American Dad, and YouTube when we were really little.

            Besides being a great influence to her younger siblings, Brittany was focusing on school. She said school for her was rough in the beginning as she was moving a lot of the time and stayed at each school for a short period of time. From pre-k to high school, she had been at a total of ten schools. “We moved a lot so I had to keep making friends. I got used to saying goodbye and not really getting attached to my friends. The curriculum was different everywhere so I was ahead at some schools and behind at others” (Maas). As the years went by though, she graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA.

            After high school she attended University of the Incarnate Word, majoring in biology and minoring in education, where she got her first job as a freshman in San Antonio as a waitress and hostess. As a long-term career she stated that she hoped to work in zoology in the field, or teach. “I majored in biology because it was broad, there was a lot I could do with it. I minored in education just in case I decided I wanted to become a teacher instead” (Maas). She was not in the military but she did do Army ROTC in college. She moved to Virginia after her freshman year and worked there.

            When she met me, she felt “I didn’t have a choice” (Maas). She was also relieved because our mom’s pregnancy with me and my birth were complicated and scary. She hopes that I do what I love to do and “never have to work a day in your life” (Maas). She is glad that I am attending a university, and proud because “you are doing it on your own and paying for it yourself” (Maas). She also hopes that I get my degree, have the life I want, and “be a pro” (Maas) at what I do.

            Brittany, or Yaya, as I call her, is important to me because she is my big sister. I did not get to spend as much time with her as I wish, just because of the age difference and her being out on her own while I was just starting school. Even though we are 11 years apart, and did not get to spend a lot of time together, we still have a lot in common personality-wise. The age difference is not completely negative though, it has allowed for this inspiration to occur. Siblings closer in age cannot really inspire each other like she has inspired me. She has set an example by working hard in school, sports, different jobs, and her family. I was shown what I should work towards accomplishing at a young age. Her inspiration is important because without it I would be lost. Of course I have other family members to look up to, but having a sister is special and unique.

            Having them by my side, especially Yaya, will help me succeed in college and in my future, through


understanding what I want out of life and what my loved ones want for me. Hopefully I can inspire someone like they have for me.

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