Editor's Page

This is the fourth issue of Tapestry and I am still quite smitten by this project and the process of compiling it. I extend heartfelt thanks to Dr. Susan Roberson for being so gracious in allowing me the opportunity to work on this journal.  This edition is filled with submissions from people from near and far as the globe embrace the Call and entrusted their works to fill our pages. Our collaboration has once again arrived at the weaving of a beautiful, seamless Tapestry.

Jenni Vinson

My Family Tapestry

My Family Tapestry:  Oscar & Kristy Vinson, Victoria & Patrick Graves, Kathryn & Justin.  My grandchildren: Terran (8) and Hunter (6). We are growing and changing. It's been a year of waiting to see which way some changes would take us but we have learned just how much we love each other and how willing we are to stand by one another. Hand-in-hand, we rise together to meet whatever challenges face us next.

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