The History of the Corrido

In El Corrido Mexicano, Vicente Mendoza defines the corrido as “an epic-lyric narrative genre, in quartets of variable rhyme, either assonant or consonant in paired verses...” set to a musical form. While the origins of the corrido remain a debated and controversial topic, the corrido has significantly affected both Mexican and Mexican-American culture. One primary debate proves the argument of whether the corrido “Kiansis”, written circa the late 1860’s in the southwest regions of Texas, exists as the first corrido, or if the legend of Joaquin Murrieta that cites 1853 as its date exists as the first corrido.

The Girl from San Diego

Jilma Montemayor Vela: Sept. 29, 1905- Feb. 12, 1999


[Editor’s note: The following is a memoir penned by Jilma Montemayor Vela, months before her passing at the age of 93. She wrote down her life story to ensure that she would not be forgotten. She sat on her sofa for days with the spiral notebook and her pen, revisiting 93 years of days gone by. The memoir was written in Spanish and I translated it to English, as carefully as possible. The memoir includes photographs she alludes to and then supplementation by her children to her stories]

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