Ronald Walker


the dragonfly has bled the last of sunlight from the day- into the shadowed wilderness where fairies like to play...elves on stools and flies on bars disturb the rest away- nobody but the roses bleeding- nothing more to say...going faster in the darkness gears begin to grind-the clock that father time created now is running blind...the rainbow from the yesteryear has faded into black-and grey is not the pathway home, there is no turning back...a voice is speaking softly as the demon starts to rise-scorching souls without a sound behind my blackened eyes...nobody knows that you came here, now flash back to the day-chanting softly in the corner, crucifix in play....but prayers are not the answer- it's the devil you must pay, nobody but the roses bleeding, nothing more to say.

© 2019 Tapestry, Annual TAMUK Women & Gender Studies Journal

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