Ronald Walker

When I Was Very Young

            Ya know- when I was a very young man, curiosity was my name- I wanted to know what made things work the way they did, and in my mind, the only way to find out was put my hands on it. And take it apart ...makes sense, right?

Dad had this story of a fire truck- the old metal two seat job with pedals for two...

He had spent the better part of 3 hours putting it together --assembly was required-- and he used various tools to put the many parts in their place...


            Now I remember little of this- but apparently I was handy with a screwdriver at a very young age- for that’s all I needed to bring this beautiful piece of American engineering back to its original dis-assembled state.


            Of course, Dad seemed furious with me, and never did let me live it down- but he would smile when he told the story. I didn't stop taking things apart-oh no!  To this day I still get that curiosity and want to see what's inside! However, Dad was intolerant- not impatient- for through the years he slowly taught me to put stuff back together and make it work.


            Turns out he had the same curiosity as a child.  And as the years go by, I'm seeing more of him in myself than ever before. Thing is he raised nine kids to be individuals with morals, standards- and a pretty good idea on how things work.  Some of us know medicines and the medical field, some mold young minds and the rest of us fall in step with the world around - while teaching those that come into our lives the value of family and how big a
          Love can be all encompassing, unconditional- and uniting...

It's ok to be yourself, and there's a big world right outside your door- chock full of dreams, and adventure.  No, not always what you put into it is what you will get out of it. More like that toy fire truck, you just have to learn how to put it back together again. 


Because in life- some assembly is required...

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