Michael Gorman

restaurants & hotels, in the heart of Taos. There are two Free City Parking lots near the gallery, and on Street Metered Parking (enforced Mon-Sat, 10-5).

​The Gallery offers rotating shows of local and visiting artists. Michael Gorman is there most days, and is happy to talk about the gallery or give tips about your

visit. You might also catch him sculpting or painting when you come by!

Michael Gorman is a contemporary Navajo artist. Gorman works in ceramic sculpture and contemporary vessels, photography and painting. Located on the east side of the historic Taos Plaza, the Michael Gorman Gallery is easy walking from

Yaa'a'teeh shí kei doh shí diné

(Hello, my family and my friends/people)

Shí éí Michael Gorman yinishyé

(My name is Michael Gorman)


Bilagaana nishłį́

(My mother and mother’s mother are white)


Naakaidiné bashishchiin

(I am born for my father who is of the Mexican People)


Dibełichiin dashicheii

(My mother's father is of the Blacksheep Clan)


Naakaidiné dashinalí

(My father's father is of the Mexican People)

Ákót’éego diné nishłį́

(It is in this way that I am Navajo)

Kaitlynn Garza

I’m Kaitlynn Garza, I’m from Monte Alto, Texas, I’m a junior, and I’m an art major. I really want to improve my drawing skills so that when I graduate I can use my degree to create a job for myself and other artists. Although I don’t know exactly how I’ll do that yet I’m enjoying my opportunity to practice drawing and enhance my other skills. 

Russell Shelton

Russell J. Shelton is an independent artist operating out of Kingsville, Texas. He was born in the small seacoast of Palacios, Texas. His parents were Andrew and Mary Louise Thomas Shelton, who moved to Kingsville in 1947.

Mr. Shelton attended all the local schools including Texas A&I University. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Education. He went on to teach school at all-level.  In Robstown, Texas he taught Special Education. He taught two years at Kleberg elementary before going on to teach 18 years of art and special education at Memorial Middle school in Kingsville, Texas. He is currently retired from education.

As an artist, Mr. Shelton worked on print making, dry paint, etching, metal engraving, calligraphy, and his favorite medium: stone and plate lithography. He models his work after the surrealist images of Spanish artist, Salvador Dali. The Dutch artist M.C. Escher’s visual paradoxes also inspire Mr. Shelton. Jacob Lawrence is a reminder of the hardships Shelton faced coming up during the time of segregation and the still present racial injustice that is alive and prevalent.

Shelton stated, “”I can only hope to achieve the marvelous, empirical, realism found in the art of the genius engraver, William Hogarth, whose work I admire the most”.

Dillon Garcia

As an artist, I am exploring the environment of perception for the dreamscape. They were heavily inspired by animated works such as: video games, animated films etc. Their impact merges into my dreams to start making its own concept,

then builds on the composition to develop a mixed emotional and fantasy theme art that leads to influence from real-life, such as buildings and other biomes. It allows the creativity to soar and results in a scenery that looks alive from outside the fictional world.  Working on the concept starts as a rough sketch to give plenty of ideas before starting on the actual project. Techniques were made in acrylics, watercolor painting, and Clip Paint Studio. The reason for these materials is the different kinds of compositions that give the textures more detail and are unique for both

separate work in traditional and digital painting. All the pieces are made in a perspective composition that gives the attention to the objects that are being placed in a perfect view. During the progress, both traditional and digital paint have the mixture tone of their opacity whether it deals with the sky or the surface. Working on each of these pieces feels wild because these sceneries have their own setting in a perfect composition to describe the look of the artwork. The way dreamscapes were created for each of their own compositions and it encourage to bring a concept to life. These artworks regard their own purpose to show the way it develops into a fictional illustration.

Karla R. Pineda

My name is Karla R. Pineda and I’m a sophomore fine art major here at TAMUK. I’m from Laredo, TX and it’s where I started developing my art skills. I plan to eventually become a full-time freelance artist once I graduate with my Bachelor of Fine Art.

Kaley Dodd

Kaley Dodd is a junior, working towards a Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Engineering with a minor in Art at Texas A&M University - Kingsville. Her art is inspired by the past and the stories she has learned through her life experiences. With her art, she focuses on the boldness of colors and textures of the paint used in her paintings.

Riffat Rizvi

Riffat Rizvi currently resides in Kingsville, Texas where she studies art in ceramics and painting. She was born and raised in Gujret, Pakistan. She left Pakistan in 1986 after marrying.

She relocated to Los Angeles, California. She also lived in Fort, Lauderdale, Florida. She then moved to Farmington Hills, Michigan. Her husband was working as a contractor for the Navy and they were relocated to Kingsville, Texas in 2008.

Riffat has a Bachelors in Physics and Chemistry and a Master’s in Education, specializing in Science.

She received and Associate degree in Radiological Technology. She began to study Art in 2014 at the encouragement of TAMUK Art instructor, Fulden Wissinger.

Riffat enjoys studying the cultural similarities in the development stages of civilizations, such as what she depicted with the Mayan and the Pakistan art she produced.

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