Academic Studies

Francheska M. Garcia, Matthew J. Krug, & Richard L. Miller

  • The Effects of Religiosity and Parenting Styles on Body Dysmorphic Disorder

"Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a chronic mental disorder associated with excessive preoccupation with one’s body image.  If not treated accordingly, intensification of the illness and deterioration of one´s physical and mental health may occur."  Continue Reading >

Victoria Mirales

  • Mental Illness in Young Children

"Today is like every other day for Bobby and his mother, they eat breakfast and get ready for school. As Bobby and his mom arrive at school, Bobby looks like all the other little boys in his preschool classroom.  As Bobby’s mom talks with his teacher about how their morning went and he goes off to play with his friends.

As the morning goes on, the teacher tells Bobby that he needs to clean up his toys before he moves on to another center. Bobby gets mad and yells at the teacher, the teacher explains that he can go play in another center, but he needs to clean up first. Bobby looks at the teacher, places a finger near his one side of his neck, as he moves this finger from one side to the other, he looks at the teacher and says, “I’m gonna cut you!”"  Continue Reading >

  • Improving Children's Eating Habits

"The main goal of this article is to inform early child educators on how to identified and what procedures to follow when there is a suspicion about children’s being victims of eating disorders."  Continue Reading >

Maria Castillo

  • Animal Testing

"In the past few decades, the use of animals for research has been a concern that animal rights activists have been trying to fight. Every year, millions of experimental animals are used all over the world for testing. Animals are being abused, killed, and are feeling stress due to these experiments that can still affect humans even if it did not with the animals."  Continue Reading >

Michael M. Martinez

  • Issues and Solutions within the Social Work Profession

"Stress within the workplace is a very common issue for many individuals. However, within the Social Work field, it is more common. Working and dealing with children who are abused mentally, physically, sexually and psychologically, takes a toll on the human body."  Continue Reading >

Jacquelyn Thomas

  • Three Women Business Owners in Small Town America Follow Their Hearts

"When I arrived to interview Lorena Lara for this article, the owner of Bath and Biscuits was filling doggie treat bags as Christmas presents for her customers.  ‘You have to spend money to earn money,” Lara told me.  “You have to keep your customers happy.”  Customers of Lara’s pet grooming service in Portland, Texas were also to receive a 2019 calendar with, you guessed it, cute photos of dogs.  But making them even happier, was Lara’s idea of taking a Christmas portrait photo of the customer’s pet, which she then emails to them."  Continue Reading >

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